Conscious Parenting Coaching

  1. Identify problem areas with your child/ren
  2. Outline patterns within you and your children
  3. See your triggers and reactions to them
  4. Dip into the past to see how it is affecting the present
  5. Learn emotional coping strategies for increased connection, trust, and empowered communication with your child/re
  6. Learn to create conscious boundaries
  7. See your children as YOUR greatest teacher
  8. Trusting that all the answers are within you
  9. See yourself and your child/ren as whole, worthy, and sovereign beings and believe that you are their guide on this life journey

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Conscious Life Coaching

  1. Identifying the problems areas: see your pain
  2. Uncover subconscious patterns
  3. See how your past is affecting your present
  4. Learn ways to be emotionally healthy and resilient
  5. Incorporate mindfulness in your life
  6. Healthy boundaries: how to set them and hold them
  7. Reduce the occurrence of your triggers and conflict
  8. Trust and believe in yourself: all the answers are within you
  9. Know that you are worthy, whole, resourceful, and divine