Shalini creates an environment of trust and safety and has the skillset, attitude, and innate wisdom to authentically connect deeply with parents in her coaching practice. She possesses a deep understanding of the challenges of parenthood which allows her to create a safe space to feel seen and heard. Her deep, heartfelt ability to identify the issues and patterns, common to the parenting journey, will help free the families lucky enough to work with her. It has been an honor to witness Shalini come forth as an ambassador of conscious parenting, she is truly a gifted conscious parenting coach.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Clinical Psychologist, International speaker, Wisdom teacher, NY Times Best Selling Author of “The Awakened Family” and “The Conscious Parent”, Founder of the Conscious Coaching Institute

Shalini and I crossed paths at a time when my world was falling apart around me. Worry, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem seemed to consume my life. She helped me gain a more positive outlook on myself and the situations in my life. She asks very thought provoking questions to help me and also provides tools and practice exercises to help me through the process of healing. She challenged me to help me be more authentic, something I have not done for 45 years! She sent me messages of encouragement between sessions to see how I was doing! Shalini went above and beyond to show how much she cares about her clients.

Aman S.

Meeting Shalini has been a gift. I’m so grateful that I am able to work with her weekly. Her knowledge and training as a conscious parenting coach has helped to raise my awareness around navigating different parenting challenges. Shalini provides a safe space to do the most important work, I believe for me, is “inner child healing”. Re-parenting your inner child can be painful and Shalini has been holding my hand every step of the way.

Lisa N.


Shalini’s presence in my life has become such a gift. Before I met Shalini, I had lots of parenting books but I wasn’t finding time to read them. The stars aligned and my weekly meetings with Shalini have become my solace.  Our initial 6 weeks session ended just as the pandemic hit NY. Shalini selflessly offered to continue services without charge the past 6 weeks. Having Shalini as my conscious parenting coach has brought me such gratitude. I am learning to heal my inner child so I can have the most authentic relationship with myself and others. I am forever indebted to Shalini for her support and guidance. I feel so rejuvenated after every meeting with her. She has truly found her calling and I am blessed to be reaping the rewards.

Sydney C. 

How can I thank you for answering the phone and guiding me down the Conscious Parenting path. I am grateful to you for helping me along in my journey, guiding and supporting Claire.

Lauren A.