What is consciousness?

It is an alien concept because we have not been trained in it. It is simply being aware of when you are being unconscious, not present to what is happening in the moment. It is to be highly present and vigilant but completely detached from any outcome and simply adhering to the present moment.

What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

A coach is a guide, an usher, and a co-educator. The model is one of equal partnership to achieve life goals. No one is broken and no one needs to be fixed. The client is seen as empowered, resilient, and creative. You already have everything you need to meet your goals. All that is missing is awareness and change. Coaches are simply looking to help uncover the already-existing healing potential within the client.

Coaching is about the present. We dip into the past to see how it is affecting the present. The present moment is the key moment. We empower our clients to solve their own problems.

What is the conscious parenting method, CPM?

The conscious parenting method’s (CPM) premise is the parent must raise him/her self before raising another human being. Parents must do their inner work in order to embody themselves who they want their children to be. You want emotionally healthy and resilient children, then that’s what you must become. WE are their greatest role models.

Frankly, most of us enter parenthood with little knowledge other then what our parents did or did not do. One day, the parent child relationship changes, or a parent feels lost and unfulfilled, or perhaps what you have always been doing isn’t working for you anymore…now disconnection, pain, and suffering exist.

A conscious parent (CP) is one who decides to be a disruptor, a disruptor of unhealthy patterns. CPM invites you to shift and transform family dynamics in order for you and your children to live a life of truth and authenticity. The path of conscious living and parenting requires much patience, and a deep commitment, along with consistency.

CPM asks you to be BRAVE!

You will most certainly shed layers of protectiveness that will unveil your vulnerability along with self love, self compassion, and authenticity. It is a transformational way of BEING. Are you ready?

I am interested in Conscious Parenting coaching? What if other family members are not?

Conscious coaching is about you and your own connection, to yourself first, your children, and then others in your life. We work to uncover the patterns and behaviors that are disrupting and disconnecting the relationships. The work is really for you to know yourself better so that you can connect better with those you love.

How long will it take to see results?

Each individual is unique and on their own continuum of consciousness. After the 1st session, we can discuss needs and intentions to organize an estimated time frame.